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Property Management

We manage your home, townhouse, condo or apartment building with quality and care

Whether you own a single family-home, multi-family home, townhouse, condo or apartment complex in the South Brevard County area, you want to ensure your property is rented and managed properly to keep a steady stream of income coming your way. You also want a trusted partner to handle the day-to-day management of your property, maintain its value, and make the process easy and painless for you.

Handling all your residential property management needs

You can count on C Wilcox Real Estate’s high-quality residential property management. We manage your property as if it were our own, making sure every aspect down to the finest detail is done the right way. Our team can handle all your residential property management needs—from finding tenants, collecting rent and evictions.

Recommending improvements, managing remodeling projects

We can do a market analysis of your residential property and offer improvement suggestions to increase the value of your property and maximize its rental potential.

We will manage your remodeling projects to make sure it gets done right. We bring in trusted and skilled professionals to handle all construction and maintenance on your property—or, if you prefer, we can use any contractor of your choice. Throughout the process, we make it a point to always keep you updated on the status of your rental property.


Our management fees are 50% of a months rent for procuring the tenant then 10% per month thereafter.

C Wilcox Real Estate residential services include:

  → Photography of your property

  → Marketing your property

  → Finding qualified tenants

  → Rent collections and processing evictions

  → Maintenance and upkeep

  → Reconstruction and remodeling

  → Property insurance assistance

  → Court appearances (as allowed by law)

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