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About Us

Established in 1990, C Wilcox Real Estate handles real property management and sales, providing property management services in the Palm Bay, West Melbourne and Melbourne areas of Brevard County, Florida. Our local knowledge and experience allows us to achieve the best possible profit margins for our clients.

At S C Wilcox Real Estate, we are dedicated to providing you with the most professional rental, property management and/or sales service. Our experienced agents will support you throughout your relationship with us, 24/7. With an emphasis on excellent customer service, responsiveness and communication, we have proven for over 20 years that we have a winning formula, one that benefits our clients.

SERVICE - Committed to be the best, most responsive and friendliest service 24/7. Our phone lines are answered by people, not machines!

TRUST - You are not a number but a valued client, one we will support and work with to the best of our ability. This is your property, but we treat it like it is our own!

RESPONSIVENESS -We strive to reply to all enquiries by the end of the next business day and work to resolve any maintenance issues as soon as we are notified. We have excellent vendors all licensed, bonded and insured. They are professionals who strive to provide the best service at reasonable prices.

INTEGRITY - We present all and any offers to owners and never mark up any vendors invoice.

NOTABLE - Our excellent reputation was not earned overnight, but has and is earned each day since 1990. Not one to rest on our laurels, we work to improve every day.

GENUINE - No fake bells and whistles. We communicate and work honestly with all our clients. We will find you the best deal for YOU!

EXPERIENCE - Cannot be bought or traded. Like our reputation we have worked and earned our experience over the last 20+ years, spanning all facets of the rental, property management, buyer's agent and sales business in our local markets.

RESPECT - We earn it anew with each client and we look forward to earning yours too.

We thank you for choosing to review our services and giving us the opportunity to make your rental, property management and/or sale as efficient and positive as possible.

Welcome to the family, you now have C Wilcox Real Estate and all its resources on your side!


At C Wilcox Real Estate we stay aware of current market conditions, thus allowing us to rent or sell your property at its highest value.

Vacancies are minimized by using a broad range of advertising media, including signs, Multiple Listings Service (MLS), Website and newspaper advertising.


C Wilcox Real Estate’s goal is to secure qualified tenants. Our extensive 5-point screening process which includes an eviction search, credit report, landlord references, income verification and criminal background check. All pertinent tenant information is discussed with the owner.

Our lease form is prepared and approved by our attorney. A security deposit, which is maintained in a separate escrow account is required by Florida law.


Customarily, rent is due on the 1st of each month. Late rents are subject to late fees.

Our goal has been to disburse funds within 48 hours of rent received. A monthly statement of income and expense is also provided. An annual income and expense statement is sent to the owner at the end of each year, which minimizes the tedious task of tax preparation.

We are members of the Central Florida Chapter of NARPM, the National Association of Residential Property Managers, which keeps us on top of all changes to the Tenant / Landlord Act.


C Wilcox Real Estate has qualified, insured and reasonably priced vendors who will do the job according to our high standards. We solicit competitive pricing and make recommendations to the owner on repairs over $300.

We protect the value of your investment by maintaining your property at current high standards. A 24-hour emergency "on-call" telephone number is provided.

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